Wednesday, 3 November 2010

297 BETTIE SERVEERT, Daryll Ann, Sunday 13 June 1995

An interesting Dutch double, this, so a carload of us drove down, getting there early and enjoying a few games of pool in the pub next door to the Fleece. The band were there too, getting their pre-gig scran!

Support Daryll Ann came on at 8.30 to a good reception from the unfortunately sparse crowd, and played a super set of buoyant yet rough-edged rock, with a bit of jangle thrown in for good measure. I freaked out at the front to "Stay", a magnificent, plangent angsty and emotion-laden tune and one of the best singles of this year so far, but the rest of their set was damn fine too, "The Doctor And I" being another highlight.

The second part of this "Dutch Double" package, Bettie Serveert, joined us at 20 to 10. Despite being a most unorthodox looking bunch of rock stars (especially guitarist Peter Visser, a rakishly thin chap with an adidas training top bearing Johan Cruyff's number 14, and thick horn-rimmed specs), these Dutch Masters painted a musical landscape of light and shade, pace and lovely lazy balladry. I threw myself around during their occasionally rocky, oddly unorthodox yet always intriguing and mesmerising Byrds-ish jangle folky rock, with highlights being "Re-Feel It", a heady rush, and "Tomboy". Overall, a lovely set which, with encores, lasted 1 hour 20 minutes but seemed like half that.

Oh yeh, Clive fell asleep down the front towards the end of their set, so I ended up having to drive his car home!

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