Tuesday, 30 November 2010

252 TEENAGE FANCLUB, Superchunk, The Posies, Bristol University Anson Rooms, Saturday 16 October 1993

A packed carload for his intriguing triple-header, including a surreal situation when Ady Bevan had to drop out at the last minute, to be replaced by Clive's workmate... Ady Bevan!

Anyway, after a parking-mare (increasingly familiar at this awkward hilltop venue), we arrived just as The Posies took the stage, dead on 8. Despite their reputation, they had only one good song (their single "Dream All Day", which strongly recalled the 60's classic "California Dreaming") and beyond that were disappointingly unimpressive standard post-grunge rock fayre, with a last number featuring about a minute's worth of self-indulgent noise. The jury's out...

However, better was to follow as the mighty Chunk took the stage at 20 to 9 (midway through a pint - again! Inconsiderate bastards!) and whacked straight into their awesome rock monster of a noise. "Skip Steps 1 And 3", second number in, was the highlight of the set as the Chunk, line astern onstage, blasted it out to an appreciative reception. I got well sweaty in a growing moshpit, and thought, at the end, that this set could not be topped tonight.

But hey, I was wrong! Only the second time I've seen Teenage Fanclub, surprisingly, the first being a patchy sounding set in a Reading field 2 years ago, so my hopes weren't particularly high for this one. However The Fannies were excellent tonight! Premiering material from excellent new LP "Thirteen", their lazy, hazy, slightly-delic blend of melodic guitar rock worked a total treat. It seemed as if the whole hall was jumping to gems such as the brilliant-live "God Knows It's True" and "What You Do To Me". I hauled Clive into the moshpit for "Norman 3" and its' 2 minute hookline; absorbing rather than repetitive, and shirts were duly discarded as we went for it.

The encores "Star Sign" and "Everything Flows" (featuring a guest Posie) were also highlights of a splendid set. Not the last time I see Teenage Fanclub, I hope! Oh yeh, and afterwards we got a ball out and had a kickabout in the street by the car. A groovy evening all round!

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