Thursday, 4 November 2010

289 DRUGSTORE, Delicatessen, Windsor Old Trout, Wednesday 29 March 1995

Why is it that, just recently, excursions to this splendid riverside venue in Windsor have to be somewhat extraordinary? This was no different, but seemed normal enough as we arrived seconds before doors, barging our way to the front. First in!

Moody support Delicatessen were a late night Morphine/ Nick Cave melange, only without the quality of material. Okay, but not my cup of introspectiveness. Stayed at the bar instead!

Drugstore, on at 10 past 10, were again excellent, with vocalist Isabel the focal point of a dynamic performance of their spooky, haunting and sinister mood muse-ic. A total star - and I say this despite personally being told to fuck off and buy her a drink, after I damned "Superglider" with seemingly faint praise! Well, I really don't understand why Drugstore have this tag of being 3 a.m. maudlin bar room blues merchants, as so much of their material strikes me as celebratory. Their best number, the encore "Gravity", is a perfect example of this; "we are hopelessly waiting for the sky to fall down" can only be sung with a big grin, surely!!

Popped backstage for apologies (!), and chats with the band, while the boys went off for some grub in Windsor, then thanks to a serious miscommunication, I couldn't find them so I had to wait for 1 1/2 hours by the car in an increasingly freezing riverside car park, before they returned, bellies full of curry. By this time I'd also helped Drugstore pack up and waved them away. D'oh! Still, as I said, another extraordinary night!

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