Tuesday, 9 November 2010

275 RADIOHEAD, THE JULIE DOLPHIN, Portsmouth Pyramids Centre, Tuesday 4 October 1994

A swift run down to the South Coast for an enticing double-header of bands got us there at 1/4 to 8, only to find support The Julie Dolphin were due on at 8.30, not 8 as I'd been told. So we didn't need to break those speed limits after all...

This however meant that when The Julie Dolphin took the stage, I was firmly installed down the front, and started off an ever-increasing moshpit to TJD's splendid and committed performance. This band, finally on a big stage, really took flight, and played a spunky, spiky, often sinister, often ethereal and dreamy, but always dynamic and rocking set with bags of confidence. Some new, punkier numbers, mixed in with the increasingly familiar favourites, kicked some serious ass too! Brilliant stuff from a band rapidly becoming one of my favourite live experiences.

Bumped into Geoff Haydon, TJD's now blond bassist, for a chat and quick congrats, before Radiohead took the stage at 1/4 to 10. Apparently streaming with colds (as I was too, hence my moshpit "kill or cure" treatment!), they nevertheless put together a tremendous set, fulfilling their status as a rising band with great potential. Mixing old favourites with newer, slower-paced but harder-edged numbers, petulant young man vocalist Thom Yorke was a splendid focus for Radiohead's occasionally nice, occasionally nasty moody mood music. "Creep", described by Thom as, "a song which could really wreck my life," got the whole joint jumping, a little surprisingly given its' slow-burn pace, but encore "Vegetable" raised the roof and was the best thing they delivered all evening.

All in all, a couple of tremendous performances delivered by 2 bands in top form. A great evening!

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