Tuesday, 9 November 2010

274 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, Waltons, Brian Dewan, London Shepherd's Bush Empire, Saturday 1 October 1994

Following their "Top Band" performance at Reading Festival this year and a splendid, slightly more serious album in "John Henry", They Might Be Giants are having a good year, so I was well up for this London headliner. Did a bit of shopping "oop The Smoke" today, before popping along to this venue, a new (to me) theatre-type hall on the outskirts of Shepherd's Bush Green. Got there just before first support Brian Dewan took the stage; a suit-and-tied chap with a lap guitar, singing very strange songs about painted corpses and poking his eye out. Occasionally curiously entertaining, and certainly, on reflection, more memorable than The Waltons, a very ordinary wallpaper pop combo who recalled the likes of Crowded House and Aztec Camera, only not in a favourable light.

John and John, the 2 joint inspirations behind TMBG, joined us at 9.15, starting with the booming acapella of "O Do Not Forsake Me" (so much for my assertion that they'd never try that one live!) and, again joined by the full 6-piece band accompaniment, proceeded to rock the house! "Welcome to our ambient techno house mix," little John offered as the introduction to oldie "Don't Let's Start". A hugely entertaining, wryly funny, oddball, offbeat yet deliciously vibrant and tune-filled hour and 3/4 (including encores) ensued. Highlights? Lots to choose from but "Particle Man", "Angel" a gem again, "Whistling In The Dark" were amongst the best tonight. I joined the moshpit (yup, a They Might Be Giants moshpit! Will wonders never cease?) and danced my legs off. Quality control maintained after Reading; great stuff!

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