Thursday, 11 November 2010

271 THE NUBILES, Eva Luna, Marilyn Twice, Swindon Monkey Club, Friday 1 July 1994

Had a wander down to this one, which promised a fine frontperson performance at least from Tara Milton, formerly of late 80's "live" favourites Five Thirty, who led his new charges, an unusual collection of individuals, into Swindon. But first, some local supports. Marilyn Twice, a collection of Level 3 goers, were just awful, I'm afraid, suffering from very poor sound which they couldn't rise above. Eva Luna, featuring an old acquaintance Kev Fitzgerald, plus a chap who used to pester me during my Level 3 DJ-ing days, were better, in a banshee howl kind of way, but also suffered from the crap sound.

Tara (who, incidentally, I spent most of tonight socialising with, as none of the Posse turned up!) and his delayed band came on at 11.15, and played an atmospheric and considered, yet still upbeat set; Five Thirty crossed with Spacemen 3 or some such, perhaps - which was nowhere near as dynamic as his excellent former charges, but which nevertheless I still thoroughly enjoyed. Tara, still a splendid energetic sweaty frontman, put his heart and soul into his performance, a point I made afterwards to him. A great frontman, a thoroughly nice bloke, and no mean table football player!

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