Saturday, 13 November 2010

266 THE JULIE DOLPHIN, Supp. Baby Chaos, Bath Moles Club, Thursday 28 April 1994

A bit of car-trouble (oh yeah!) on the way down, necessitating a car swap, meant we hit Moles for this gig dead on 10.30, just as The Julie Dolphin were taking the stage. Got in on their guest list after meeting up with them at The Fleece recently, so we repaid them with sweat as we moshed down the front to their strident, splendid set. Walking a similar tightrope between chaos and delicacy as Throwing Muses, they were extremely powerful and aggressive, yet so-ooo tuneful at the same time. The sound was brilliant in this tiny venue as well, and they went down a bomb; shouts for encores for ages afterwards, and not just from us!

Chatted to Brett and Geoff from TJD during Baby Chaos' unremarkable set, which recalled the chunky pop of Eugenius and the guitar layers of the likes of Ride, but really wasn't a patch on The Julie Dolphin's set and didn't seem to go down as well either. But then I'm biased, so I would say that... Anyway, we left at 12.30 to handshakes and compliments. I've a feeling that The Julie Dolphin aren't going to be doing support slots for much longer...

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