Sunday, 7 November 2010

279 STEREOLAB, Laika, Bristol Fleece, Tuesday 8 November 1994

Knackered before I started, thanks to some intensive footy at Cricklade with Dave's work buddies, but I nevertheless trotted off to this one, arriving at a packed Fleece at 8.30, unfortunately in time to be subjected to the tuneless bleeps and clanks of the crap support band.

The Groop (!) themselves came on at 9.50; French Stereolab vocalist and Roxy from "Home And Away" lookalike, Laetetia Sadier, led the 'Lab on, nonchalantly kicking into their monotone stereophonic pop. Sometimes brilliantly boppy (the early, thrilling "French Disko", by far and away their best number, and also latest single, the groovy "Ping Pong"), sometimes a load of tuneless keyboard dirge (the encore - did it really last 20 minutes, or did it just seem like it?), their keyboard based Euro Disko was nevertheless intriguing. I had a bop to the early part of the set, including the aforementioned 2 top numbers, and ended up even more knackered in the process!

Oh, and Stereolab showed an excellent way to beat the Fleece's 11pm curfew; start a 20 minute long song at 5 to!

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