Saturday, 13 November 2010

268 MIDWAY STILL, Pope, Baby Chaos, Swindon Monkey Club, Friday 20 May 1994

My 7th time to see the wonderfully noisy, post-grunge rock reprobates Midway Still, and it turned out to be the last - at least for the time being! We found out when we arrived that, sadly, they're calling it a day, with the usual, "we're not fashionable in the press anymore," "we can't get bookings," reasons to blame. A great shame, and a sad indictment on the "build 'em up, knock 'em down" inflated power of the music press. Huh.

Played pool, losing to Clive (wot??) before openers Baby Chaos came on and impressed considerably more than lately with a dynamic guitar set. Then played some table footy with the posse before Pope, Frankie Stubbs' (Leatherface's former main gravelly voice) new power trio, came on. Less glaringly noisy than the 'face, they were nevertheless both abrasive and melodic, and played a (cover?) version of Leatherface's finest hour, "Not Superstitious". A good set.

Lamented the Still situation with Still frontman Paul Thompson, before the boys took the stage, apparently for the second-to-last time ever. Blasting through a best-of selection, their forceful, energetic set was equally received by an enthusiastic Swindon crowd (surely not?). Clive and I gave it more than loads, grasping this last opportunity to enjoy one of the most visceral and thrillingly noisy, yet no less tuneful, live bands of recent times, and the band themselves were dragged back on for 2 unscheduled encores. Going they may be, but tonight Midway Still left us with a bang!

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