Tuesday, 30 November 2010

249 LEATHERFACE, Squarehead, Swindon Monkey Club, Friday 8 October 1993

First gig in a small club for, ooh, 3 1/2 months! Hopefully not the last at Swindon's newest venue The Monkey Club, which looks an excellent sleazy little place.

Squarehead, a local lot, were loud and rocking, but the place really started jumping when the mad Mackems, Sunderland's very own Leatherface, took the stage. The usual cross between Motorhead and Husker Du, their rock was even more loud, abrasive and exciting from the moshpit, which was where I was. With "I Want The Moon" ("I want the fucking moon!") and a closing battering of "Wise Men Say" highlights, this was a sweaty, intense, beer-soaked, violent yet cathartic and totally fun evening's full-on rock!

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