Thursday, 25 November 2010

256 GIGOLO AUNTS, Supp. The Posies, Corradi Kid, London Highbury Garage, Saturday 4 December 1993

The third time in 6 weeks and 4th overall this year; do you see a pattern emerging? Namely, I'm becoming a serious Gigolo Aunts obsessive? You better believe it!

So off again, this time for an easy journey to the Garage (turn left at the Angel Centre, pop kids!) which also included navigating in a driver to Euston for London University hospital, which made us all feel like good Samaritans. Confronted by a queue-mare and "Sold Out" signs, we blagged our way ahead in the queue by claiming we were on the guest list (which Aunts guitarist Phil Hurley admittedly tried to arrange, but couldn't due to their label Fire Records' guests taking precedence), then promptly grabbed the last couple of available tickets at the door, paying to get in!

My first trip to the Garage; a good venue, this! Star spotted (luminaries including The Wonderstuff's Miles Hunt, That Petrol Emotion's Steve Mack, Welsh actor Jonathan Pryce, and a Family Cat or two) during Corradi Kid's pleasant, worthy Auteurs-like set, albeit with louder guitars and less memorable, intellectual tunes than Luke Haines' mob.

Ran into a couple of the Aunts boys as the place filled up. Took a good vantage point near the front, expecting a good gig! 9.15; PA off, and on with the intro music - the orchestral version of the "Star Wars" theme tune? Luke Skywalker, alias Aunts vocalist Dave Gibbs, then took the stage, lightsabre poised, and led the rebel fighters into "Cope", the splendid opener from their wonderful "Flippin' Out" LP. Totally wonderful sound in the venue, and the Gigolo Aunts did it full justice with an absolute belter. We rocked out to an astonishing set of already familiar, harmonic and melodic pop classics, every one a winner, every one delivered with confidence, style and verve, and no little humour. Brilliant, exhilarating and life-affirming stuff from a band who, already for me, are up with the true greats, the Parachute Men, Bunnymen and Big Dippers of this world.

After that set, The Posies would only be flat bitter to the ambrosia served up by the Gigolo Aunts, but they nevertheless delivered a fine, popular set of tuneful and harmonious rock misik. We hung back at the bar and chatted to The Aunts while the Posies were on (taking notice of their "California Dreaming" sound-alike "Dream All Day", and their rendition of "I Am The Cosmos", which was excellent and the set highlight), then left at 11 to handshakes and compliments from Mr. Gibbs. For once, superlatives escape me...

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