Wednesday, 3 November 2010

296 18 WHEELER, Dissident Prophet, Bath Moles Club, Monday 29 May 1995

Had a wasted journey-mare yesterday when we drove down to Bristol to find Kinky Machine had cancelled, but luckily tonight's gig was on! So, the 4 of us finally got to gig-christen Clive's new car!

A deserted Bath Moles (well, it is Bank Holiday) welcomed Dissident Prophet, who played some well-crafted rocking and tuneful numbers, much to the delight of, erm, the bass player's watching parents! And not many others...

The venue was still deserted when 18 Wheeler took the stage at 11! Nevertheless, this band of Creation 60's influenced tunesmiths rocked out with a fine set of their strumalong chunky pop, with faster numbers from their sparkling debut album "Twin Action" shining over the newer, slightly lower key and a little disappointing actually material. Still, a jolly good if slightly derivative set, nevertheless, which got the whole joint - such as it was - jumping.

Back home at 1.15, after having the most godawful takeaway chicken burger ever! Yikes!

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