Wednesday, 3 November 2010

293 DRUGSTORE, My Life Story, Goya Dress, Schtum, Melody Maker "Maker Shaker" Tour, Bristol Fleece, Monday 1 May 1995

A firm Posse "live" favourite and 3 intriguing new bands tempted us to drive down early for this gig, getting to the venue at 7.20 to find that the soundchecks were horribly behind schedule and the venue wasn't even open, so we had to wait around outside until 8!

The Fleece then filled up quickly before first band Schtum, who were an aggressive Basti/New FADs sinewy funk pastiche with heavy guitars, lots of sweat, and in "Big City", one very good number indeed. Overall, not too bad a start.

Goya Dress followed, who were musically fragile and discordant, but all too often dirge-like and a pain on the ears. A shame really, as vocalist Astrid was a real babe, we all agreed (along with a few other things concerning her which I'd best not repeat here...). Still, I also remember not liking Drugstore first off, so you never know...

The Druggies themselves came on at 9.45 to a tumultuous welcome from a by-now packed Fleece, with Isabel playing an acoustic "Modern Pleasure", before the band rocked into "D-D-D-Devil". Another majestic set of sensual, sleazy, wild music followed, Isabel lapping up the enthusiastic Bristolian (and part Swindonian!) reaction. "Jelly", beefed up and bulging, was brilliant - even more so when Isabel announced it was a forthcoming single! An all-too-short set, but they dashed back on for "Teenage Kicks" - they were NOT to be denied an encore!

Spoke to Druggies Mike and Isabel during My Life Story's set, but still saw more of it than I'd have liked. An extraordinary sight; a dozen or so band members, including a brass ensemble and gyrating string section, led by an over-the-top, suit-changing frontman who evidently thinks he's Tom Jones, but actually looks more like Rod Hull, minus the emu! Their 60's B-Movie theme tune music was notable only for one good number, "Motorcade". But hey, we'd already seen the clear stars of this show!

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