Thursday, 18 November 2010

263 THE JULIE DOLPHIN, Supp. Salad, Bristol Fleece, Tuesday 12 April 1994

A splendid evening for travelling to a gig - clear and sunny - so I had a good run down the M4 with Clive and Dave. Got in in time for a couple of beers before, surprisingly, The Julie Dolphin came on at 9. We were confused, because on the way down we thought they were headlining!

Nevertheless, support they were, but they did it really well. A superb rocking start with the dynamic "Head" and their best number, the jagged "Fucked Up Lullaby" (featuring the excellent hook; "what's wrong with this picture?" What, indeed!), preceded a set which sagged a little in the middle with the slower, wispier stuff, but then chimed in confidently with a splendid "Birthday" and culminated in a great, Blake Babies-ish "Hemmed In". Aggressive without the posturing, and supremely poppy and tuneful with it; are these guys the new Heart Throbs?

Popped backstage for a quick chat with the band before Salad came on, and continued the chat with TJD's bassist Geoff while Salad were on. Led by MTV Video Jockey Marijne Van Der Vlugt, Salad were merely okay indie girlie guitar fayre, nothing more, with not a memorable tune in their set, I'm afraid. A little bit of an ego trip for Marijne, perhaps?

Still, the stars of the show, for us, never disappointed. Geoff and vocalist Dianne were very friendly, and genuinely surprised that we'd made the trip from Swindon primarily to see them. Well, they certainly made it worthwhile!

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