Sunday, 7 November 2010

281 THE NUBILES, Absolution, Swindon Monkey Club, Wednesday 23 November 1994

This was the first night of an "Ex Five Thirty Extravaganza" double-bill at The Monkey Club, so being a big fan of this late, lamented early 90's swirly post-baggy rabble, I was up for both nights! First off, towering vocalist Tara Milton's new charges The Nubiles, once again visitors to The Monkey. I stomped along at 10, following footy and in my hire car, booked for a course in Bristol tomorrow! Ran into Beef, and also aforementioned vocalist Tara, during Absolution's New Model Army/ Levellers set, which I hated. Chatted with Tara, during which he hotly refuted a romantic rumour in this week's NME (Donna Elastica???), and also promised to send me a Nubiles tape! Tara, I'm still waiting...

The Nubiles were on at 10.30, and played a very dynamic set of hard-edged swirly pop, which was much more "in your face" than their previous Monkey set. The numbers suffered from poor sound on occasions, especially in songs featuring repetitive hooklines, but stuff like "Mother And Father" (a more considered song, building to a crescendo) and "Smile On" (not actually what it's called, but I couldn't remember what Tara called it, so this was the hook!) were highlights of a fine set, delivered energetically by the melting man himself!

A shame Swindon was so unreceptive; me and Beef tapped our toes, and a couple of other bodies were paying half attention, but no-one else! Nevertheless, it's always good to see the articulate and friendly Tara, and it was cheap - £2.50 in total for both this and tomorrow night's Orange Deluxe gig!

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