Sunday, 7 November 2010

282 ORANGE DELUXE, Canvas Sky, Mike's Dirty Quilt, Swindon Monkey Club, Thursday 24 November 1994

This was the second night of an "Ex Five Thirty Extravaganza"; following former Five Thirty vocalist Tara's new charges The Nubiles yesterday, we have guitar hero Paul Bassett and his new band of rock junkies and rejects. Bassett, now the main man and a peroxide blond, nevertheless recognised me from those halcyon Five Thirty days, when I arrived at the venue!

First, though, the supports; Mike's Dirty Quilt were a gang of local lads who, barely out of garage practice stage, nevertheless showed a nice ear for a tune, when you ignored the considerable rough edges. Better than Canvas Sky, who formed a musical wallpaper backdrop to my beating Clive at pool!

Orange Deluxe came on at 10.10 and treated us to some down and dirty rock'n'roll, the type your mother definitely wouldn't like! Elements of punk, Hendrix, ragged psychedelia, wah-wah and dirty blues funk were all brought together into this sleazy Orange Deluxe sound. Paul Bassett, all eyes on him now, nevertheless turned out to be an energetic and exciting frontman as well, leading the band through some primal rock'n'roll. A great set; as I remarked to Paul afterwards, that was the first but hopefully not the last time I see Orange Deluxe!

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