Thursday, 18 November 2010

259 A HOUSE, Supp. The Blue Aeroplanes, Sleeper, Bristol University Anson Rooms, Saturday 12 February 1994

Dave, Ady and I popped down to this one directly from Birmingham, where we'd been to the footy (Swindon Town getting beaten 5-0 by Aston Villa - the less said about that the better!). Following half a dozen pints of Guinness at lunchtime, we also had a few beers on the way own - in the car!

In at 1/4 to 8 in time to see rising support band Sleeper. This time their youthful spunkiness and spiky guitar pop got a little lost in the bigger venue, but they still sounded confident; with one very fine song, "Delicious", and not a little sex and suss, they're certainly a name to watch - very soon indeed!

Met up with some mates who'd sensibly missed the footy, then moved forward for A House's set. Vocalist and mainman Dave Couse, on at 1/4 to 9, led A House through a superbly sounding set of their unique Irish-tinged folky poppy rock. Couse cut a strange dash as a vocalist - auburn haired, bespectacled and jolly pock marked, but still a riveting and charismatic frontman, as articulate and erudite as his material. Again, they left out a lot of stuff I'd loved to have seen them play, but even so they were marvellous, with new song, "I'll Never Forgive You" the highlight. I really should go and see them more often!

Popped into the bar for The Blue Aeroplanes' set. Dave and Ady love this lot, but I've never been able to get along with vocalist Gerard Langley's pompous lyricism and deadpan, emotionless delivery. Still, their "best of" set went down a storm, as one would expect from a home-town gig, really. Me, I stayed in the bar and got utterly bladdered!

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