Tuesday, 30 November 2010

250 THE LEMONHEADS, Eugenius, Baby Chaos, Cardiff University, Saturday 9 October 1993

Spent the day shopping in Cardiff, and popped to the gig after a rather splendid Italian meal. Baby Chaos, with their hardly original but still enjoyable rock set, were already on as we arrived. Not too bad a start, overall..

Eugenius were on at 8.30; oddly enough, this was the first time I'd seen Eugene Kelly and his bunch of Scottish laze-rock reprobates, who were formerly the excellent Captain America and subject of 2 lawsuits during that band's brief life! They played a splendid set of soulful yet chunky hard rock, with the old Captain America number "Flame On" a brilliant highlight.

Screams (yes, screams!) from a multitude of grunge girlies greeted the appearance of the "grunge sex kitten", Mr. Evan Dando, shining star of this year's Reading Festival, who again exuded star quality throughout this spellbinding set. This was, you know, kinda like, a really cool gig, man (!), as Dando took the rockier numbers from the great crossover indie-grunge-country album "It's A Shame About Ray" and added a soulful lilt to them with his dark plaintive voice. The set just got better and better throughout, and after the hour, Evan returned solo and played a couple of acoustic numbers, then "Confetti" and "Rudderless", which were the highlights tonight. A closing "Luka" also sparkled with style. A great performance from a slacker genius!

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