Saturday, 13 November 2010

269 THE AUTEURS, LUNA, Bristol Bierkeller, Monday 23 May 1994

Drove down for this gig with Beef, after our third intended gig companion got food poisoning, so we had his ticket to shift outside the venue! Had a beer in the "Prince Rupert" beforehand and got in at 20 to 9, thereby missing 10 minutes of Luna's earlier-than expected set. D'oh!

Still, what we saw was pretty splendid; some haunting rock with a very slight C&W lilt, operating in similar territory to the likes of Bettie Serveert. Dean Wareham, ex of Galaxie 500, retained their sense of atmosphere with his new charges, but over some generally more upbeat material, and embellished the sound splendidly with his eerie vocals. I enjoyed it, especially highlight "Slash Your Tyres"; shame no-one else did, as they were largely ignored by the slowly-filling venue.

The place filled up slightly for The Auteurs, who showed an unabashed rockier side to their music than at previous live sightings, which surprisingly worked well with their splendidly crafted and considered songs, giving them extra impetus and dynamism. A fine, confident set, with "Idiot Brother" and "Lenny Valentino" my highlights. Two fine performances; a close run thing, but I think Luna shaded it for me - just!

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