Thursday, 25 November 2010

257 THE HEART THROBS, Sleeper, London Highbury Garage, Wednesday 8 December 1993

Both Beef and myself, being on the Heart Throbs' "Spongey Information" mail list, received some sad news through the post - the Heart Throbs were splitting up, and were due to play one final farewell gig in London. Like a letter requesting help from a long-lost but not forgotten old flame, we were compelled to act upon it!

So we drove up, getting to the venue at 8.15 and going over the road to the pub. No hurry as first band, the intriguing Julie Dolphin, had pulled out. Bummer! We unexpectedly ran into Heart Throbs vocalist Rose Carlotti and the boys in the pub; "first the Parachute Men split up, now you guys; I'll never give my heart again!" I pleaded (half jokingly) to Rose, before she explained that the intention was to "re-invent" the band, under a new guise and possibly new name.

Back in the venue at 9.30 for Sleeper, a young female fronted spunky outfit, who played some vibrant pop not unlike a punk rock Go-gos, Not too bad at all, and one for the future, mayhap... Ran into Steve Lamacq, former NME journalist (whence I referred to him as, "Steve Lamacq, my favourite hack") and current Radio 1 DJ; he noticed my Parachute Men t-shirt, shook my hand and said, "any friend of the Parachute Men is a friend of mine!" which was nice, and we had a brief chat.

The Heart Throbs were on at 10.30; determined to give themselves a good send-off, they played a storming, electrifying set, wonderfully chosen to maximise the momentum and temperature, with Rose a blisteringly hot performer. If this is to be the end, let it be known that they bowed out with anger, vitriol, passion and a blistering performance, with "Love Is Stretching" rocking, "Hooligan" haunting and "Brood Bitch" angry and jagged. 2 encores, including an emotive new number (!) "Nympholeptic", which may denote a more dynamic, almost punkier direction for the new band, and a final, orgiastic "Here I Hide". Popped backstage briefly afterwards, totally breathless. Hopefully, they'll be back!

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  1. wow what a gig! great account!