Wednesday, 13 October 2010

336 THE SWEENEY, Cinnamon Smith, Swindon Level 3, Thursday 10 October 1996

A late decision to go to this one; I'd intended to head oop the Smoke for a Joyrider/ Slingbacks double-header, but cash (lack thereof) and ennui conspired to send me to Level 3 instead, thence to meet up with Tim and Roy to chat before and during locals Cinnamon Smith and their messy and unfortunately none too impressive heavy funk/ rhythm set.

"Hello, we're the Sweeney, get your trousers on, you're nicked!" was the intro from this cocky Essex powerpop trio. A hardly original but fairly enjoyable and dynamic set of low budget 60s/70s pop with 90's dynamics followed. Toes were duly tapped! Then that was it, as I didn't bother to stay for Small Faces copyists Bennet. Went home... should really have gone to London instead!

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