Thursday, 21 October 2010

316 THE WANNADIES, Ruth Ruth, London Highbury Garage, Thursday 22 February 1996

Had various misadventures on the way to this one, involving the tyres on Rich's car, and a mysterious detour. For future reference, turn left before The Angel Centre! So, we got there at 9.30, just as Ruth Ruth were taking the stage. A punked-up power trio laying down some groovy and immediately memorable tunes, not unlike a slightly less frantic Green Day. Good stuff! Had a quick chat with their guitarist, a chunky and amiable New Yorker with a - surprise, surprise - Ramones fixation, between bands.

The Wannadies burst onstage in a riot of light and smoke at 10.30, and played a superb hour of their highly individual and memory-hugging magic pop thrill-type songs. An enthusiastic moshpit ensued, and I joined in for "Cherry Man", my favourite Wannadies number and (somewhat inevitably) my personal fave of this set. A brilliant encore of "Blister In The Sun" ("this song is ours now!", said vocalist Par - I'm not arguing, although the Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano might!) superbly capped off a stunning show from a very special band!

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