Thursday, 21 October 2010

318 TINY MONROE, The Supernaturals, Bath Moles Club, Thursday 4 April 1996

Back to Moles on a Thursday night for the Tinies; found a queue when we got there, but it was misleading, as the venue was only half full!

First band on, The Supernaturals, were a young Scottish band with more 60's sensibilities than Teenage Fanclub pretensions. When they were good they came across as a less pretentious standard Britpop band, say Dodgy, but when they were bad they were clumsy and rigid. Give 'em time, maybe...

Talked to old Swindonian Pete Smart, who apparently went to college with Tiny Monroe's guitarist (hmm, small world...) before vocalist NJ led the boys onstage at 11.30. A fine but disappointingly short (only 1/2 hour!) set of their studied guitar pop followed, with new songs becoming more familiar with every airing. "Love Of The Bottle" and the closer "Cream Bun" were the highlights of the set, during which I even had a conversation with the onstage NJ! Got to chat again afterwards, and we left looking forward to their forthcoming album. Less dynamic than yer Sleeper or Echobelly, and less quality than the excellent Tongue, the Tinies are nevertheless a worthwhile pop band with hidden depths. Hopefully, should be a good LP...

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