Friday, 22 October 2010

312 TINY MONROE, Cellophane Aeroplanes, Bath Moles, Thursday 14 December 1995

The usual Thursday night Moles crew, including a semi-pissed Beef, who had been on a works Chrimbo "do" all afternoon and oddly enough smelled of meths (!), bopped down for the Tinies, for the final gig of 1995. Me and Beef got in on the guest list, thanks to some negotiating back at the Oxford gig earlier this month with their manager! Had an interesting chat with said gent before the support band came on. They had one interesting number and a good name, but overall were slightly predictable, cheesy and a little bit dull countrified rock.

The Tinies took the Moles stage at 11.30, and burst into a more dynamic set of their thoughtful but occasionally exciting guitar pop than the recent Oxford gig. The crowd, led by a swaying Beef and I, shook legs and limbs appreciatively, and the band responded positively, producing a fine 3/4 hour of varied tempo-wise but consistently entertaining pop. Popped backstage afterwards quickly for cheers, as vocalist NJ had recognised me from the Oxford gig. Hmm, must've been the tartan trousers...

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