Friday, 15 October 2010

331 TINY MONROE, TONGUE, Bath Moles Club, Thursday 20 June 1996

Had a "Quid To Get In!" flyer through the post from our good friends Tongue, formerly The Julie Dolphin, so off we did trot, meeting up with bassist Geoff at the bar. Geoff's sporting a new Michael Caine image, so we caught up with him and gorgeous vocalist Dianne as well!

Tongue went on at 10.45, looking to make a good impression to watching Arista record company people with a good short, sharp and spiky set. Worry ye not, they were stupendous; Clive and I were again the Dervish Brothers to their raucous yet startlingly tuneful powerful pop set. A mesmeric "Head" again the climax and the highlight, but the "in the can" next single ran it close. Tongue, here's to you, here's to you, and the things you do! Getting better all the time!

The party, however, wasn't over yet! Chatted to Geoff at the bar (again!) before heading back upfront to see The Tinies. Despite being an obvious 2nd best to the superb Tongue tonight, and despite this being their 3rd Moles gig in the last 6 months, they still put on a rattling good set, with the strident pop of their new single "Open invitation" (what is it with Tiny Monroe and their "-ation" rhymes anyway?) their best number. They're getting better, too!

A quick chat with Tongue at the bar before we left - including our persuading them to play at Clive's 40th birthday party next January. If that comes off, that'd be amazing...

And it did/was!

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