Thursday, 21 October 2010

319 CORDELIA'S DAD, Regicide, Edwiner, Bath The White Hart, Thursday 5 April 1996

I got a bit of a shock when Clive pointed this one out to me, from the pages of the NME gig guide. Cordelia's Dad, playing in the UK? At last!

So, we bopped down to Bath's White Hart, a dilapidated pub back-room on the Twerton Road, with a clientele that made us all feel positively ancient. Sat in the equally run-down beer garden (hey, some call it, "character filled!") while dusk fell. We then had to put up with a couple of local supports; Edwiner, a bunch of student muppets playing an occasionally tolerable but overlong (40 minutes!) set of grungy funk, then Regicide, a dodgy-suited band with LA whisky bar Goth sleaze fixations, who nevertheless were a couple of bats short of a (Nick) Cave.

I'd been a fan of Cordelia's Dad since the early 90's, when Peej - who unfortunately couldn't make this gig - turned me on to their unique blend of traditional folk numbers played in an edgy and sinister, Pixies-ish rock style. Tonight was my first live experience of "The Dad", however, and hopes were high. Thankfully they didn't disappoint; the Massachusetts (just what is it with the Boston area and great bands, anyway? Is it something in the water?) 3-piece - guitarist/vocalist Tim, shaven headed, imposing presence, all army fatigues and mad, staring, haunting eyes; Cath, diminutive bassist, traveller chic and floppy fringe; and drummer Peter, short, chunky, bespectacled, quite "normal" in comparison to the very striking guitarists - kicked off the set proper, after an acapella introduction, with "Jersey City", a new number to my ears, with an almost Gigolo Aunts-ish chunky surf guitar riff.

A superb set of loud, dynamic rock ensued - are these really old folk songs? I joined the melee 4th number in, and immediately requested "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still", which Tim immediately kicked in to. There's service for you! I gave it loads to the rest of the set, which culminated in an excellent encore of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", then had brief words with the band afterwards. Great set! Great gig!


  1. Look here, pal. I think you've heard too many gigs in your time and your ears have been replaced with dead pigs' stinking ring-pieces. You clearly don't know talent when you hear it. In fact, I reckon you're a bit deranged.

    Back in 1996 you were lucky enough to hear the best, most freshest sounds that were a fusion of delectable, delicious and delightful aural pleasures. Many say that only a few special rock acts were able to create such heavenly melodies as were delivered that famous night. I'd go so far to say that on the 5th April 1996, the music that you heard was better than any other of the artists listed here.

    Foo Fighters? Fubar. Radiohead? Rubbish! Echo and the bunneymen? Schmecho schmand schme schmunneymen. Utter codshit in comparison.

    I suggest you get your ears syringed. Too bad, pal, you'll never get the chance to hear Edwiner again. You do realise that my fondest memory as a teenager was playing that infamous night and everyone there loving it. And your twisted recollection of one of my life's special moments has ruined it for everyone, including our 2 fans. I still know it was fricking amazing. You can't spoil my memories.

    I suggest you think about what you write in the future. I bet you're a gay.

    Love from

    The guitarist (now in his thirties with a mortgage and no idea how to play the guitar anymore).

  2. Well, I suppose I can't please everyone. Oh wait, neither did Edwiner. Glad you enjoyed your set, and you've got a right to your views. I didn't, and I've got a right to mine. Just FYI I always think about what I write. Doesn't look as if you do, as you're coming off rather homophobic, pal.