Friday, 22 October 2010

309 TONGUE, Supp. Mansun, Bath Moles, Thursday 23 November 1995

Found out about this gig thanks to a call from Tongue bassist Geoff on Tuesday, so a jolly carload drove down to the late Moles Club, getting in on their "paying" guest-list (bloody weird Moles door policy!).

Tongue were on at 10.30, and played a splendid hard-edged set of shimmering powerpunkpop. Old favourite "Birthday", an absorbing early highlight, was however eclipsed by newer numbers such as "Blessed", which had a raw and exciting edge, complementing their melody and expressively spooky atmosphere. A brilliant set, topped by a thrilling "Head", during which we gave it loads down the front!

Met up with Geoff and guitarist Brett at the bar, and chatted about the band and other diverse subjects, during undeserving headliners Mansun's totally anonymous post-baggy set. How...? Anyway, we cleared off at 12.30 following mutual thanks and handshakes from the real stars of the show. Another great night out, thanks to the former Julie Dolphin!

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