Tuesday, 19 October 2010

330 THE WEDDING PRESENT, plus support, Swindon Level 3, Wednesday 19 June 1996

A night for meeting up with a few people I'd not seen for awhile, and catching up with gossip. She's seeing a married man? Really??? That type of thing.

The Weddoes came on, played for an hour or so, then went off. I know that sounds a bit glib, but a band I lost touch with, a few years back (following their "single a month" thing which not only got irritating trying to collect, but also suffered with poor and repetitive quality) gave me no reason whatsoever to get back in touch with them. Their previously exciting and thrilling choppy guitar attack was muted (even rabid Weddoes fans called this one, "low-key") and the songs, a good run-through old single "Brassneck" excepted, were pretty dull. Sorry Gedge. Still, I saw them on their way up, at the top of their popularity, and now on the way down! And let's face it, there's not much more "down" than a Wednesday night at Level 3!

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