Wednesday, 27 October 2010

304 SLEEPER, 60 Ft. Dolls, THE WANNADIES, London Shepherd's Bush Empire, Friday 13 October 1995

This gig ended a near 2-month gig hiatus, and was the climax of a super day out, record shopping and spotting Alice Cooper (!), with Peej in the Smoke! We headed back over to the Bush and got seated well in time for the Wannadies set at 8. New discoveries this year, tonight they struggled vocally with the sound, but ultimately delivered a brilliant sparkling set of lovely melody, big choruses and chiming guitars. My favourite single of 1995, "The You And Me Song", was delivered brilliantly tonight and had me freaking out in the Balcony aisles. Wonderful!

Main support the 60 Ft. Dolls (again? This is getting to be a habit...) rocked, postured and did their usual Jam-ish stuff before headliners Sleeper arrived. Or rather Louise did...

Bouncing on in black vest and leopardskin micro-skirt, vocalist Louise Wener led her rather anonymous yet fine band through a tremendously dynamic set of spunky and thrilling pop, and led the performance with sheer force of personality, cocky and confident. Much better "live" than their occasionally patchy output on record, all the numbers, including some faster newies, sounded fresh and exciting. Seize your moment, Louise, you're a star!

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  1. I have vague recollections of Alice Cooper - none whatsoever of this gig.

    Shame - I would have liked to have remembered seeing Sleeper and the Wannadies!