Friday, 22 October 2010

311 THE AMPS, London Astoria LA2, Thursday 7 December 1995

Another gig with old friend Paul Crowfoot, who, as with the REM gig earlier this year, arrived as if from nowhere, this time armed with 2 tickets for this gig! So off we went, ploughing through the sleet and tubing in from the usual Shepherd's Bush parking space.

Got there at 9, missing support Brainiac totally and walking in just as The Amps took the stage, so we ploughed into the middle of the melee. Former Pixies bassist and Breeders main-woman Kim Deal, resplendent in a "Cherry Poptart Loves Ya!" cartoon t-shirt, led the band through a jokey and laid-back, yet rocking and committed set of spooky, sleazy yank rock from her current "side project", which featured a couple of musicians from Dayton, Ohio, and her Breeders drummer. The sell-out crowd reacted enthusiastically as Kim, buoyant and obviously enjoying herself with huge smiles and quips to the audience (reacting to cheers after taking a long slug of beer from her tinny, she said, "yeah, like you guys NEVER do that!"), still gave it loads of choppy guitar noise. A great set, which was over by 10, so we had time to remove ourselves from this odd-shaped venue, grab some chicken in Shepherd's Bush, then plough back through the sleet and home before midnight.

Then Mr. Crowfoot departed once more, never again to be seen. If you're reading this, Paul, get in touch, willya?

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