Wednesday, 20 October 2010

322 THE WANNADIES, Tiger, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, Sunday 5 May 1996

For this, another helping of our Scandinavian pure pop favourites The Wannadies, we decided to make a day of it, by bundling down to Southampton to visit Ady's Uni mates Martin and Stuart to watch the last weekend of The Premiership on telly, the result of which being I was crowned Clive's Fantasy Footy League Champion of 1995/96!

Popped over to Portsmouth to the Wedgewood Rooms, an excellent wide dancehall-type venue with a proper foyer, afterwards, and found it full of 15 year old girlies, shorter even than Ady! Good viewing tonight then... Met up with Tim, who'd popped down separately for the gig, before support Tiger (hmm, Jaguar last time out, Tiger this. I'm spotting a pattern...), who were unfortunately an awful, Stereolabbish monotone mess, with a discordant vocalist who couldn't carry a tune in a skip.

Piled down the front with Clive and Tim for the Wannadies early (9.30ish) set. This is the 3rd time this year I've had the pleasure, but I'm nowhere near getting tired of them. This was another great set of effervescent pop thrills, with sing-along new number "Someone Somewhere" a highlight, and becoming increasingly familiar. The huge chorus of "Cherry Man" also highlighted the set again, and I came out of the moshpit, after their 3 song encore which was topped by another brilliant rendition of "Blister In The Sun", drenched but smiling ear to ear. Great gig! I know I'm writing that a lot this year, but it's true - 1996 is becoming a real quality "live" year!

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