Wednesday, 20 October 2010

324 LETTERS TO CLEO, Sense Field, London WC2 Borderline, Tuesday 21 May 1996

So, splendid Boston popsters Letters To Cleo return to London for a final show to bookend their European jaunt, and off "oop the Smoke" trotted an enthusiastic foursome from Swindon, parking in Shepherd's Bush, tubing in and getting to the wonderfully ambient and evocative Borderline just before it opened! There's keen for you...

The old downstairs Tex Mex bar itself filled up quickly for this one! We met up with LTC guitarist Michael for a quick chat, and a handing over of pix I took at their Powerhaus gig earlier this month, before Sense Field's set. 13 songs long, in a rip-roaring 40 minutes flat, this bunch of raucous Californians were at times awesome in their driving rock noise, and sometimes awful in their sub-Rage ATM/ Dog Eat Dog rap posturing. Overall? Not sure...

Anyway, Clive and I took front and centre for the arrival of Letters To Cleo. Despite minimal space, quite a difference indeed from the spacious Powerhaus, last time out, we nevertheless transformed into our whirling dervish alter-egos for LTC's dynamic and cool US alternative College pop agenda. A slightly rejigged and actually far louder set than last time out, vocalist Kay was nevertheless a gleeful, jumpy and bouncy focus for an effervescent and lively performance from a band "giving it loads" on their last European date. "Little Rosa" and the awesome drive of "Pizza Cutter" were my favourites of a great Boston rock set which flew by. Quick congrats from Michael and bassist Scott afterwards, after another brilliant 1996 concert from Letters To Cleo!

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