Thursday, 2 September 2010

367 HURRICANE NO. 1, Swindon HMV Store (lunchtime acoustic session!), Friday 13 February 1998

Andy Bell was queuing up in the Lloyds Cashpoint behind me in town at lunch, which jogged my memory about the former Ride man's current band Hurricane # 1 doing a lunchtime slot in the local HMV! So, I risked getting back to the office late, and joined the young and packed crowd of punters for their 1 o'clock set!

The boys sauntered out - on time - from backstage (or "back shop"), and set up for an acoustic set which gave an unexpected dimension to their 5 songs. I've so far rather unfairly dismissed them as run of the mill Britpop fayre and a real disappointment after Bell's former charges, the fine challenging guitar heroes Ride, but their determined and well-constructed modern rock, with a slight but evident Beatles-esque lilt, sounded very good in this stripped back form. Finale "Step Into my World" was the best of their 5 numbers. They also did a signing session afterwards, but I was late back anyway, so I left. D'oh! But hopefully this won't be the last time I see Hurricane # 1!

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