Thursday, 23 September 2010

347 SPACEMAID, The Dandys, Bath Moles Club, Thursday 10 April 1997

A really late start off as Beef didn't pick me up for this one until 1/4 to 10! Met the boys at the gig during the young Dandys' okay but derivative set (Marion, Dodgy, The Kinks were obvious influences). They'll be okay once they write some songs of their own!

Spacemaid were on at 1/4 past 11, a fresh and spiky young lot of hip gunslingers, led by a cool auburn haired space-maid (!). They kicked into their glorious pop hit "The Girl Who Sold The World", and continued in that vein, with a great set of new wavey fizzy pop, with upfront guitars and soaring choruses. A band with a lot of potential, and possibly the sound of the Summer. My only complaint was that at a mere 25 minutes, the set was way too short! Nevertheless, here's another supercool young British band to surf the Silver Sun type wave of new punky pop!

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