Wednesday, 29 September 2010

344 THE SLINGBACKS, The Borshells, Reading Alleycat "Live", Tuesday 11 February 1997

Not a night for driving, this; howling winds and blatting rain, which barred our way and forced a couple of Tim's friends to drop out at short notice. Still, the conditions didn't stop a 3-man carload from aquaplaning along the M4 at 90 mph, on the way to an unsurprisingly deserted Alleycat for 9 pm, 15 minutes before local band The Borshells took the stage in front of their mates down the front. The girly vocalist was nervy but competent, but the bored looking band played the same monotone growl throughout, even reducing cheesy covers of Madonna's "Borderline" and Abba's "SOS" to a smothered guitar drone.

Still, once again we had The Slingbacks to rescue us from studenty ham-fisted indie-dom support band hell. The loony lads from the recent Bristol gig (hailing from Newbury, apparently!) took front centre for their arrival at 10.20ish. Getting tighter and more accomplished with each gig, but no less exciting and fun, the Slingbacks burned through their rejigged set with a passion. Despite my knee handicap (1 week until my op!) I rocked out energetically to their chunky punk with great pop tunes set, developing a seriously sweaty t-shirt in the process. "No Way Down", their breathless bratty best number, was again towering, as was set closer "Insufferable". We exchanged quick congrats and I gave copies of pix from the Bristol gig to an ebullient vocalist Shireen, after another splendid set.

Oh yeh, and t'was another aquaplaning adventure on the drive home!

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