Thursday, 23 September 2010

348 SILVER SUN, Ballroom, Bath Moles Club, Thursday 1 May 1997

After doing my civic duty and voting in the General Election, I trotted down to Bath for a second in a row at Moles (which would've been 3 if the Slingbacks hadn't cancelled their show last Saturday!). Got there early - before 10 which is early for Moles - as we were expecting a busy one! Support band Ballroom were on at 10.30 and were disappointing Suede/ Radiohead impersonators, who disgusted my brother in particular by reacting sulkily to a heckling punter. If you can't stand the heat, etc. etc.... The rest of my gig buddies stayed at the bar while "Suediohead" (as Ady called them) peddled their wares.

All hell broke loose when Silver Sun, heralded by a couple of cop car flashing lights on top of the speakers, took the stage and burst into "Last Day". A huge moshpit (at Moles? Good grief!) ensued, and I became a part of it, gammy leg and all. Silver Sun were tremendous again, affirming their status as Britain's current best band, and probably the best of British "live" since, ooh, The Bunnymen? The sound did their wonderful harmonies full justice, and they fed off the (over?) enthusiastic reception, producing a wildly wonderful set of soaring spiky spunky punky pop. The place erupted (groan!) for "Lava", and current single "Golden Skin" was another highlight of another great Silver Sun set, from whence I emerged sneezing and dishevelled, but euphoric.

A euphoric drive home too, as early Election results heralded an eventual Labour landslide - out with the damn Tories at last! In more ways than one; a historic night!

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