Thursday, 23 September 2010

346 HOPPER, Umbrella, Bristol Louisiana, Friday 4 April 1997

Amazingly, my brother decided to join us tonight, so Beef and I picked him up on the way. Ulterior Motive City - he's checking out the Louisiana as he's playing a gig there soon!

A "rentacrowd" turned up for Bristol's own Umbrella, who were a painfully young student power trio, trolling out loud and fast guitar in a similar vein to Ash (although Beef reckoned Husker Du). Either way, give them rehearsal time, and you never know...

Hopper were on at 10.15; led by a strange slim bespectacled girly vocalist, they played a punky blast of hard guitar grunge and 90's pop. The breathless rush of "Bad Kid", their single and best number by far, and "Wasted" were the highlights of a good set overall! Then back to Budlet's for a cuppa before driving home!

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