Thursday, 9 September 2010

362 101, MDQs, plus support, Swindon Level 3, Thursday 20 November 1997

The last 101 gig! Shame! But vocalist and songwriter Andy Ashley wants to, "give it a rest," to recharge his batteries, write new songs, then possibly consider reinventing the band under a different name. So this lured me to Level 3 on a wet Thursday, thence to endure the amateurish Cranberry-isms of the local support, whose name I've purposely eradicated from my memory thanks to their appalling cover of Throwing Muses' "Not Too Soon".

Chatted at the bar with the 101 boys during MDQs set. They've cleaned up their act since their days as Mike's Dirty Quilt, and kicked up a tight and good-sounding Marion-esque driving noise, to general apathy.

However 101 rocked me out as usual, as Clive and I became a latter-day Dervish Brothers and made the most of this excellent local band's angular jagged guitar noise - for now! "Like Your Lycra" was a splendid breathless conclusion to a final 101 set, beset with technical problems but delivered, as ever, with fun and humour. They'll be back, hopefully!

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