Wednesday, 29 September 2010

340 SIDI BOU SAID, Mink, 101, Swindon Level 3, Thursday 14 November 1996

Met up with Tim there as his band was first support! After much persuasion, I'd gone along to see Tim's band and was pleasantly surprised by some slightly generic but dynamic and enjoyable grungy rock. Tim on bass and vocalist/guitarist Andy struggled with duff speaker pickup, but still kicked up a fuss and got the best audience reception of the night; 9 people dancing!

Chatted at the bar while Mink peddled a forgettable Manics/ Radiohead style moody guitar rock. Paid a lot more attention when headliners Sidi Bou Said came on, mainly due to vocalist Claire's lacy black leggings! However, their sparse, ethereal sound, which is heavily Throwing Muses-based (10x"Mexican Women" for a set!) didn't really hold my attention. Sorry girls - go and write your own songs!

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