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342 THE SLINGBACKS, Hasselhoff, Bristol Louisiana, Monday 27 January 1997

Well, I'm due a knee rebuild operation in February, which means no serious moshing at gigs for a year, apparently, so I've got to go while I can! So a jam-packed carload set off to the Louisiana, a new (for me) pub venue in Bristol's dockland. Rumours of its' size proved unfounded (legend has it that the Drugstore show, my gig 286 a couple of years back, was moved from here to the cupboard sized Brewhouse, as the Brewhouse was bigger!); indeed it proved to be a great little upstairs room, reminiscent of the late lamented Oxford Jericho Tavern.

Popped up for support band Hasselhoff, on at 9.15. Fred whispered to me, "rehearsing is overrated," midway through their shambles of a set, which summed it up to a "T". Four studenty airheads who think all it takes to be in a band is to own some instruments and play a few jangly "ba ba ba"s. One song in particular ("Purple" something) was possibly the worst I've ever heard at a gig! Children, children... please, fuck off and don't come back until you can at least all play the same song at the same time! On second thoughts, don't come back at all.

From the ridiculous to the sublime; The Slingbacks, on at 10.15, regaled us with their take on late 70's US glam punk, with a definite 90's dynamism and feel. Big chunky riffs, soulful melodies (no surprise whatsoever that vocalist Shireen cited Big Star as one of her faves) and trashy sleazy guitar; all the ingredients for a great set. One, in fact, which was more fun than a box of chimps, both for us and for the band, who really got off on the enthusiastic audience reaction from Bristol's young 'uns and Swindon's old 'uns! The superb punky "No Way Down" was an obvious highlight, was also was the Slingbacks mocking Twisted Sister on their encore "Sometimes I Hate You". Quick chat with vocalist Shireen afterwards, a Muffs and Eve's Plum fan too (again, no surprise). Great night with a band who seriously have what it takes!

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