Tuesday, 21 September 2010

355 101, Custom Blue, plus support, London Camden Laurel Tree, Tuesday 15 July 1997

Weird one, this! The intended coach was cancelled due to lower ticket sales, so the remaining 9 hardy souls piled into 2 cars (including one, inadvisably, driven by myself) to get to Camden for Tim's band's first London headliner!

Met up with Tim and the band on arrival, and hung out awhile before going into the venue at 11, missing a few odd support bands but catching the popular Custom Blue, who were cheered to the rafters after their pastoral, Arthur Lee meets the Cardigans set which nevertheless did nowt for me. Also, as they overran, at the end of their set everyone except us Swindon lot upped and left!

So, 101, on at 11.30, played to only the hardy souls who made the trip. Nevertheless, they put on a storming performance, with a blistering "Like Your Lycra" my highlight of their dynamic and improving rock set. As I said to vocalist Andy Ashley afterwards, I didn't just come to London to see a mate's band, I came because 101 are bloody good.

A late one, this, though, which ended up with me getting stopped for speeding around Liden at 1.30 this morning and being fined! Ouch!

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