Thursday, 23 September 2010

349 CARTER THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX MACHINE, Midget, 101, Swindon College, Saturday 24 May 1997

Wandered along to this gig, the first at Swindon College for absolutely ages, held here because apparently, Carter USM didn't fancy playing at Level 3! Met up with Tim before his band 101 played a warm-up set to a sparse audience. Clive and I shook a leg, regardless, to their choppy Pixies-ish guitar rock. Despite the sparse crowd, they were tight and professional; getting better all the time!

Met people and socialised before main support Midget's set; they were a painfully young trio who played their spiky powerpop far too fast and loud, but improved later on.

Carter USM - now a 6-piece "proper" band - came on to an enthusiastic reception, with Jim Bob all long hair and misplaced passion. One thrown beer can later, and all hell broke loose, with the drummer walking off stage, then returning and trying to kick an audience member! Play subsequently resumed, and the tension actually made for a better finish to the set, with the older numbers, especially "Sheriff Fatman", still sounding OK, and better than their weaker newies. Overall quite an enjoyable gig, particularly so for the ruckus!

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