Monday, 2 August 2010

398 FEEDER, The Llama Farmers, Oxford Zodiac, Saturday 13 March 1999

Good thing we decided, on a hunch of Clive's, to leave 1/2 hour earlier than initially planned, as we'd just parked up and got into the venue when the Llama Farmers came on just after 8! Clive and I set off as whirling Dervish Brothers, as the hotly-tipped Llama Farmers regaled us with a fine set of swooping and clashing guitars and beats. They've matured since I saw them at Reading Festival last year, and now come across like a young Ride, or a less challenging Pale Saints. Good stuff, but shame no-one else really much cared...

No, tonight's sell-out crowd was here solely for Feeder, who came on at 9. Another band that have matured considerably since previous poor Reading Festival sets (1996 and 1997), they now peddle a popular grunge-u-like guitar rock/pop sound, not so much Smashing Pumpkins as Smashing Apples'n'Pears, guv! I recognised a fair chunk of their enthusiastically-received rock set from tracks played at local nightclub Level 3. No bad thing really! The vocalist obviously cares about the fans as well, playing to the crowd with the reciprocative enthusiasm and sincerity of a young Bono. Overall a good set of hardly challenging or original, but enjoyable and noisy rock stuff. Somehow, though, I'd prefer to go back for some more Llama Farmers, though...

Oh, and thanks to the early curfew (10!) I was home in time for Match Of The Day!

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