Wednesday, 4 August 2010

383 GARAGELAND, The Hangovers, London Garage, Friday 4 September 1998

A mad panic to get over to the Garage in time for the Boom Boom Mancini set - as bassist Geoff had told Clive that they were on at 8.30 - was all for naught, as we found out on arrival that they'd cancelled at the last minute, with guitarist Brett having hurt his foot! D'oh! Nevertheless, we three were still up for Garageland, so we paid to get in (the BBM guest-list, which we were on, was cancelled too!) and waited for over half an hour in a very quiet venue before The Hangovers came on at 9.15. They were, again, better than before, and better than I'd expected. The vocalist's annoying whistle was evident tonight on only one number, and the rest of their set was moody, bluesy and at best quite absorbing. Are they creeping around my mental block? Surely not another Drugstore in the making??

Anyway, we were well up for Garageland, and hit the front for their set. Again, a predominantly new collection of songs, but featuring more of a smattering of oldies tonight, from the excellently spiky, Pixies-ish LP "Last Exit To Garageland". The absorbing, mesmeric and shimmering "Nude Star" was a top highlight for me, as I danced crazily throughout to both old and new. Indeed, some newies, such as the frenetic "Not Empty", were already recognisable from their recent Falcon set, and overall, Garageland were noisy, rocky and rather splendid. Complimented the Garageland bassist Mark afterwards, and we all bought cheap (£5!) Garageland t-shirts before a very sodden drive home!

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