Tuesday, 3 August 2010

394 MILES HUNT AND MALCOLM TREECE, Bristol Fleece, Sunday 13 December 1998

This one started with a bit of a panic; Rachel's friend Sarah blew out at the last minute due to illness, so we had to offer a spare ticket around. Could we find a taker? Could we heckers like! Still, they'd regret missing this one...

We eventually sold the spare ticket outside the gig and got in just after 8, to an already packed venue, full of grebos, fraggle rock rejects and other assorted old Stuffies fans, including of course Prov! Rachel and I then decided to blag backstage for a chat with Miles and Malc, claiming "friend of a friend status" with Phil Hurley, ex-Gigolo Aunt, as the friend in question! Miles was prepping with the roadie, but Malc - a thoroughly nice bloke - was happy to take time out to chat, saying he'd seen both Phil and Steve recently during their recent US jaunt!

The boys came onstage at 9 - just the 2 of them, armed with big chunky guitars and heads full of instantly recognisable pop tunes - plugged in, and cracked open a couple of old Stuffies numbers like vintage wine. This pretty much set the tone for the evening; an entertaining 1 1/2 hours of Miles' banter, a few new numbers, 2 Vent songs, but mainly Stuffies numbers done acoustically but with no less oomph. Some didn't work so well in this context, lacking the full band volume of the Stuffies, but the simple catchy pop stuff - "Golden Green" being an example - worked the best. After a final "Unbearable", they packed up, but then re-emerged for pix and chats with the lingering crowd. That made Rachel's night - a pic of her and Miles!

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