Friday, 27 August 2010

375 THE DELGADOS, ROC, Reading Alleycat Live, Friday 29 May 1998

When the cat's away, I go to gigs! Alone in the house for the weekend, and at a loose end, Clive persuaded me to join him on a Friday night jaunt to Reading to see one of his favourite bands. Got there at 9.15 (thanks to footy on the telly delaying us!) just as ROC were starting their set. A shoegazing lot from 10 years ago (so it seemed), they were suporiphic and dull. Music for insomniacs!

The Delgados were on soon after, at 10 past 10. I'd ignored this lot before, due to their connections with the truly vile Bis, but Clive assured me they were nothing like them. Indeed, they came across like a second division Madder Rose, with a perplexing and chameleonic range of musical styles, occasionally a little countrified, but mainly all arty and moody, bordering on but not crossing over into Goth. Their one super-fast number, the incendiary and speedy "Under Canvas, Under Wraps" was by far the highlight of a slightly disappointing but intriguing set. Better than a night in, though!

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