Thursday, 5 August 2010

382 EL NINO, Plastic Eyes, Bristol Louisiana, Tuesday 1 September 1998

This one was indecently soon after Reading Festival, but I wasn't about to refuse it, given how good El Nino were there! So, we had a bop down to a very quiet Louisiana on a Tuesday night. Clive was too injured to play footy, but not too injured to come to a gig!

We were unexpectedly assailed by a local support band, as, unfortunately, expected tour co-headliners and also impressive Reading set-providers Seafood had pulled out, due, we found out later, to the guitarist cutting his hand! Said local replacement support, Plastic Eyes, sported a tasty young female vocalist, some nicely constructed and spunky songs, and a set which sagged in the middle somewhat, but overall impressed in a sub Boom Boom Mancini way. Seafood would've been better, though...

El Nino came on at 10 and played an extended version of the set which impressed so mightily at Reading last weekend. Despite the poor attendance (probably less than 20 people overall!) they didn't spare the horses, and delivered a mighty rock set of power, passion and integrity. "Reptile", which I later found out to be a Lisa Germano song, was an early highlight of this set, during which I rocked out down the front to numbers already familiar to me, whilst my compatriots Clive and Rachel tapped toes as well. Also, following this splendid set of powerful yet melodic rock, we chatted with El NiƱo vocalist Glenn Hicks. Turned out he's a race fan and visited the Indy 500 this year, so he and I had plenty to talk about. Plus he thought that my comparison of El Nino to The Gigolo Aunts (not sure what I was thinking there - Buffalo Tom is probably more accurate) was nevertheless a great compliment. A fine gig from a band who are surely future stars!

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