Friday, 27 August 2010

378 GARAGELAND, The Hangovers, the Vivas, London Camden Falcon "Barfly" Club, Thursday 2 July 1998

A new gig venue for me, and also new company joining Clive and myself; my new work friend Rachel (who of course is now my wife!). She fancied this short-notice (we found out about it the day before!) gig as well! Unfortunately a 3 hour trip (car and tube) meant we didn't get to the venue until 9 pm, missing all but the last number of the Vivas set. A shame, as that number, "Anna", was fiery and spunky, with the vocalist showing no little attitude.

Second band on, in this fine and dingy pub back room venue, was a predominantly female band called the Hangovers, featuring a former Raincoat as vocalist. Her gravelly yet feline vocals, and stories of life on the wild side, marked her out as kind of a female Lou Reed, and I warmed to their pseudo jazz music, after initially disliking them. Clive liked it, anyway...

Garageland, on just after 10, played a predominantly new set, rather than drawing heavily from their jagged, Pixies-ish guitar CD "Last Exit...". Their new numbers were occasionally country-tinged, occasionally moody and slow-burning, occasionally spiky and well rocking, but always intriguing, absorbing and mighty fine! Vocalist Jeremy Eade - who also adopts a "pre gig squirt" ritual, judging by my bumping into him in the loo beforehand - also made me and the other fans present happy bunnies by dropping "Come Back", "Beelines" and a well rocking "Fingerpops" into this set as good moshing material. A great hours rock! And KFC in Shepherd's Bush afterwards, leading to our not getting home until 2 am, but well worth it overall!

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