Tuesday, 24 August 2010

380 BOOM BOOM MANCINI, Supp. The Milltown Brothers, Little Weed, London Camden Falcon "Barfly", Wednesday 15 July 1998

I don't normally go for 2 gigs in 2 nights these days, let alone 2 in 2 in London, but I was up the Smoke for a meeting anyway, so how could I resist? Finished my meeting and did some shopping in Camden, then surprised Geoff and the rest of the Boomers by turning up in my suit at the pub! Watched them soundcheck, and hung out before the gig, getting a free admission stamp in the process, along with the band. Result!

Clive, Beef and Rachel showed up at 8.30, and we chatted in the bar during Little Weed's female fronted pop set, which was just audible from the "Barfly" back room. However, we piled down the front for Boom Boom Mancini's set, and Clive and I, as usual, turned into whirling dervishes to the fine pop music from one of our enduring faves. Using more keyboard in their newer numbers than previously, the band were nevertheless their usual sparkling, spiky, challenging and effervescent selves. As this set was a landmark for this band, given that it meant I'd seen them (in their various incarnations) a record-tying 11 times, I particularly "gave it loads", especially to their amphetamine-speedy "Supermodel", the highlight of the set for me!

Chatted in the bar to Rachel during the Milltown Brothers' set. I've seen them before and they're still the same; innocuous and instantly forgettable. I was enjoying the company more, and we'd already seen the stars of the show!

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