Tuesday, 3 August 2010

390 SEBADOH, Nought, Oxford Zodiac, Thursday 19 November 1998

A strangely early one this, and my first time for awhile back at a venue (formerly The Venue) which I really don't care for too much; too smoky, wooden and packed, as I recall! Still, doors at 7 and we got our tickets from the door just after 10 past, so we were therefore part of a whole load of people from tonight's sell-out crowd in to hear support Nought. Sporting a thin female vocalist with a strong resemblance to Janet Street Porter (oh dear), they were bloody awful actually; an instrumental set of sub-HM thrashy rock doodling, which they obviously thought made them MBV. It really doesn't, guys...

They were thankfully over by 8.30, and we joined the packed-out throng at the front for the entrance of Lou Barlow's Sebadoh just after 9 pm, Barlow joining us by skipping (yes, skipping) across the stage. I must confess I'm still not over-familiar with Sebadoh, but this was an enjoyable, low-fi, considered set of US college rock and balladry. At least when Barlow was in charge, that is... however, the bass player had a slot of half a dozen numbers mid-set, which he sung and which were incongruously noisy ramalama punk, a la Offspring. Really not sure about that. Lou took over again for the final 4 numbers, which were the best of the night, culminating in a sensitive, touching and heart-felt "Soul And Fire" and a searing "Beauty Of The Ride".

So, Sebadoh, once again a fine but flawed performance. But early, so over by 10, and home before 11!

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